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On fertilizer & and bromeliads


Q:   I used a time release fertilizer on my potted plants that said it was good for 18 months. That was less than a year ago and now my plants look like they could use a feeding. Should I apply more?

 A:   If you look at the label you will note that the release timing is based on a temperature range. The product breaks down faster in higher temperatures. It has probably fully dissolved and reapplication is in order

Q:   I have some large bromeliads. How do I separate them for repotting?

 A:    First soak the root ball of the plant in a large tub of water. This will wash to soil from the plant and you will be able to see how the mass is connected. Then, using a serrated knife, cut the pups away from the parent plant. Repot the plants and water them well to establish soil capillarity.

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