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Candelabra cactus problem

Q:   My candelabra cactus has a fine white web at the tips. It is yellowing, too. What should I do to correct this?

A:    Your cactus has a spider mite infestation. If left unchecked they will cause  the skin of  the cactus to brown and ruin the look of the plant. Hose the plant down with a forceful stream of water or apply a soap spray. Both will need to be done several times every five days.

Q:   What propagation technique do I use to get the maximum number of plants from my Rex begonia?

 A:    You will use a leaf cutting. Remove a mature leaf and make several cuts across its veins on the leaf back. Pin or anchor the leaf cut side down on a 50/50 mix of sand to perlite. Cover the leaf with a plastic tent and place in a bright area out of direct sunlight. Where each cut was made a new plant can arise.

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