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Soggy begonia leaf

Q:    A leaf on my angel wing begonia looks soggy. I have had leaf spot on the plant before but nothing like this. What is the problem?

 A:   The leaf probably has a bacterial infection. Pick off the leaf. Keep an eye on the stem to make sure the bacteria did not infect it. If so, prune back the plant to cut out any diseased tissue.

Q:   How long does sulfur last once applied to the soil?

 A:    Unlike lime, sulfur is short-lived and can be active for as little as three weeks.

 Q:    What are some good plants to use for a wind break? We want to cut out the winter winds and have plenty of room for the planting.

 A:    I assume it is an open, sunny area; otherwise you would not need the planting. Try evergreen shrubs like wax myrtle, Leyland cypress, red cedar, eleagnus or cherry laurel.

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