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Keith discusses palm trees

Q:    I have burned some palm fronds. Can I use the ashes in the landscape?

 A:    Ashes can be used around some plantings. Simply throw them around the landscape and then water them in. Ashes are a valuable source of many of the trace elements.

Q:    I would like some hanging baskets on my palm tree. Will it hurt the tree if I drive a nail into it so I can hang the baskets?

 A:   It is never a good idea to drive a nail into any type of tree. This is because the tree cannot heal the wound; it only walls off the injury.

 Q:    What is hardpan?

 A:  Hardpan is a compacted layer of lime stone. It is common for soils to be under-layered with limestone in North Florida. It can be several inches below the surface or several feet. Hardpan can inhibit drainage and, if so, it can be cracked to allow water to permeate

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