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Facts about Norfolk Island Pine

Q:  I have a two-gallon Norfolk Island Pine. Can I put it in the yard or should I leave it in a container?

 A:    The Norfolk Island Pine is a tender plant and should be left in the pot. If planted outdoors it will eventually freeze unless giver proper protection.

 Q:    The leaves at the bottom of my Norfolk Island Pine are browning. What can I do to keep it green and full?

 A:    This is a normal progression of events. High light levels will keep your plant skirted for a longer time. As the plant gets older it will drop the lower growth in order to put on new growth at the top.

Q:   I have a seedless grapefruit tree that I am growing in a pot. What should I do with it?

 A:    The grapefruit tree should be in a sunny spot for best growth. Fertilize it with a granular product three times a year. If you are always going to have it containerized it will eventually need to be in a 15-gallon or larger pot.

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