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Question about oka pods

Q:  How is manure tea made? I want to use it in my organic vegetable garden.

 A:  Fill a croaker or cotton sack with manure. Place it in a large container of water. Leave it for several days. The nutrients will leach from the manure and this solution can then be applied to the garden. The principle is the same as making a cup of tea using a tea bag.

Q: The pods on my okra plant are all large and tough. When should they be harvested?

A:    Okra is picked every few days. Once pods reach a desirable size, pick them. The Q:    I planted some onions but all I got were tops but no onion. What was the problem?

A:   This far south you need to grow a short-day onion. These are planted in fall or late winter. Bulbing onions do not produce here in the warm season. Your problem was most likely in the time of year when you planted them.


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