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About winter squash and strawberries

Q: Does the term winter squash or summer squash refer to the time of year they are grown?

A: Summer squash is thin-skinned and does not store well. Winter squash has thick skin and stores longer. They are both grown at the same time of year. The seasonal term applies more to the time of year the squash was eaten before the days of refrigeration.

Q: I covered a row in my garden with black plastic and plan to plant it with strawberries. How should the plants be spaced?

A: Strawberry plants are generally spaced about a foot apart.

Q: What are some varieties of strawberries that do well here?

A: Florida 90, Tioga, Sequoia or Florida Belle.

Q: Can tansy be grown here? Where can I purchase some plants?

A:    Tansy will grow here. It is available at many nurseries and “big box” stores.

Q:    What is the recipe of the any control using soap and water?

A:    Pour several ounces of liquid soap solution to several gallons of water. Pour this mixture on an ant hill. It will destroy most of the ants.






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