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Prickly pear cactus can be made edible

Q:   While at the beach I saw a cactus with a fruit on it. The fruit looked almost like a ripe plum. Is this edible?

A:  This is a prickly pear cactus. It grows a beautiful yellow flower that matures into an edible fruit. The fruit can be used for making jelly or syrup or eaten raw.

Q:  I have a Valencia orange. I noticed some small worms on a leaf. Now the leaves have brown dots and are looking washed out. What is happening?

 A:  A washed out leaf is usually a spider mite problem. Brown dots are normally a sign of disease. Pick off the affected leaves or apply a citrus spray.

Q: What are some blueberry varieties to grow here?

A: Look for Aliceblue, Beckyblue, Climax, Woodard, Bluebelle and delite.



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