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Is diatomaceous earth effective for termites?

Q:  I live in a pesticide-free development. I was told to use diatomaceous earth around the slab of the home to prevent termites. Will this be effective?

A: Diatomaceous earth is an organic form of pest control. It supposedly cuts the insect when it makes contact with it and causes it to desiccate. Diatomaceous earth is composed of the remains of microscopic diatoms which are crusty. It will wash away with rains so reapplication will be necessary.

Q: There is an orange-colored vine with no leaves growing on some plants in my yard. Can I use an herbicide on it?

A: My guess is that your plant has a dodder vine on it. This is one of the few plants that are parasites. It is growing from the plant that it is on.  An herbicide would also damage the host plant. Try to cut out the dodder vine.


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