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Some mulch can attract termites

Q: I have some oak trimmings which have been shredded. I would like to use them as a mulch or soil amendment. My friend says it will attract termites. Is this true?

A:   Termites can be active in any wood mulch like cypress, pine or tree trimmings. If concerned about this, you should use pine straw as a mulch. It does not attract termites. The oak clippings can be used as a mulch or incorporated into soil as an amendment.

Q:    I recently read an article that termites can be in cypress mulch. If you buy the bagged mulch, are there termites in it?

A:Termites come to the mulch after it is placed. Use pine straw if you are concerned about termites. Pine needles do not have wood fiber so it is not attractive to termites.


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