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Citrus at the beach best if grown in containers

Q:  I live 400 yards from the ocean and am trying to grow citrus. I have a lemon and other trees but none of them survive. What kind of citrus can I grow?

 A: Citrus has some salt tolerance but will not take salt spray. Place the plants so that the house protects them from the ocean wind. The west side of the house will be the area most protected from salt but not from cold. You could also try containerized citrus like lemon or key lime. Use a large pot.

Q:  I read an article that trifoliate orange is the most-cold hardy root stock. The only citrus that I can find on an identified root stock is on Swingle. How does this rate for cold hardiness?

 A:  Swingle does have good hardiness and is considered fine for our area.

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