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Questions on franganpi and ficus

Q.  While on vacation, I bought a cutting of a frangipani. I was told it would grow here. How do I root it?

 A.  Fill a pot with sandy soil and stick the cutting into it. Put the pot in a bright area. It will take several weeks to root. It should be a year or more before it will bloom. Since it is a  tropical plant, you should keep the plant protected in winter. Leave it in a moveable pot to aid in cold protection.

Q.  I have a ficus that is full of smutty stuff. I treated it with a spray. What else should I do?

 A.   Most types of sucking insects like aphids, white fly and mites will need three sprays timed a week apart. Most sprays do not kill eggs and so re-treating is necessary as the offspring hatch.

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